I’m a practicing visual artist and art teacher working from my studio in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast. I love art! I love teaching art! That’s all there is to it.

I’ve had solo and group exhibitions in Australia and Switzerland, and my work is represented in Australia, Ireland, and Switzerland. I’ve conducted residencies in schools on the Sunshine Coast and at the International School of Lausanne, have taught adult art classes on the Sunshine Coast and at Woodford Folk Festival for many years, and have illustrated numerous books.

I work in the drawing mediums of graphite, pen and ink, charcoal, coloured pencil and pastel, and through my artwork, seek to explore the things that make me “tick”. I love working with the human figure in a realistic yet distorted manner, and fill my work with energetic marks and strong, dramatic tones. I draw to create visual stories about my journey through the difficult pleasures of creativity, individuality, philosophy, travel, relationships, and to continually question how I fit in the middle of it all.

Students attending my classes will work in my studio, “atelier” style and learn the foundations of drawing. I’m a skills-based teacher who will help you find your own artistic style with the drawing techniques I’ll demonstrate. I’ll provide a positive and encouraging environment, and all my classes are conducted in a professional yet relaxed setting.

As a teacher, I want to demystify the world of art by breaking down the various drawing techniques into simple, logical, and readily understandable and attainable steps. I’ll teach you the basic “tricks” of drawing, and a simple set of rules to help you draw what you see.

I’ll also show you how to successfully create drawings that have accurate scale, proportions, and how to use shading to make the final work look 3D. These basic techniques can be applied to any future drawing from animals to buildings to flowers and the skills you’ll learn in my classes will help you to accurately create drawings you’ll be proud of.

Be courageous and explore your own creative world!


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