Peter Hollard is a visual artist and art teacher, residing on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Peter works mainly in black and white, using the media of charcoal, pastel, pen and ink, and graphite, ranging from larger scale pieces (4 metres long) to more intricate and detailed A4 pieces.

In each artwork, whether it be small or large scale, Peter explores the deeply personal narratives that emerge out of individual experiences. Peter draws heavily from his travels around the French countryside, and sites the imaginations of Salvador Dali and Brett Whiteley, the light and shade of Giorgio de Chirico, the mood of Edward Hopper, the playfulness of Shaun Tan, and the accessible experimentations of musician Beck as major influences on his work.

In particular, Peter acknowledges the works of contemporary French painter Gerard Garouste, whose art he discovered in the bowels of the Louvre bookshop. Garouste’s paintings afforded Peter the creative licence to explore distortion and the courage to put himself into his work.

And Vincent.





Featured image courtesy of Enrightography.


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